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I got tired of all those individual repeated questions and answers through email because they were asking me the same question individually and I had to answer the same repeatedly. (They do not use the discussion board even though I opened it and invited students to use it) I set up a class Kakao Talk Channel and added all of my class students. I asked them to send questions to this channel so that we can share the common questions and answers and save time. 


They do not know each other because they have never met in person, so in the beginning each student was only talking to me. “Professor, I have a question…” Yesterday, I was busy, I didn’t check the channel for several hours, and when I got back I found this. (above image)


One student asked me, “Professor I have a question” (I was away, no answer), and another student volunteered to answer for it. Along with a snapshot of her computer screen, she kindly told the classmate how to add ‘comment’ in their peer reviewing assignment. 


Finally, my class learned how to help each other doing their classwork online 24/7. I am so proud of my students and am delighted to share this phenomenon with my colleagues. :-) 


On this channel, I send ‘Today’s Campus’ photo with spring flowers that I find on campus every morning. I show my office photos. I show some scenes of the university building little by little everyday, and they like what I upload for them. They know that they can get answers from the professor and classmates any time of the day. We are getting closer to each other. 


Recently, a big project was due, I was concerned if anyone would be left behind (cannot submit the big project), but to my surprise, ‘everybody’ could finish it without failure. We are becoming a real team now.


I video record class lessons through Kultura video everyday and upload it.

I open virtual collab class for office hours.

I open my virtual collab class twice a week

I grade and give my feedback on their daily classwork everyday, immediately

I interact with them real time on Kakao Talk all around the clock (except bedtime)


It’s sort of addictive. I feel I am in love with this class of mine. 


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